Many employees are not looking forward to giving up the remote work life of the pandemic era. In order to entice them back to the office, companies are investing in improving their office spaces.

The DIY boom of the pandemic era has been a boon to suppliers of home organization products, especially modular units.

The Freedonia Group finds that, apples and berries will remain the best opportunities for fresh fruit packaging suppliers through 2024, together accounting for 51% of demand.

The growing number of bathrooms per US household will continue to bolster opportunities in the $276 million bathroom organization market.

The trend of pandemic-era outdoor living continues to drive growth in the $33 billion US market for these products...

Our new analysis finds that sales of frozen meat, poultry, and seafood packaging spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, with demand in 2020 nearly 6% high than in 2019.

The popularity of outdoor living will remain a key driver of brick, block, and paver demand gains, especially as the trend’s influence grows in the commercial market in the wake of the pandemic.

US demand for flexible MPS packaging is forecast to rise 4.1% annually through 2024, outpacing demand growth for rigid MPS packaging, our study finds.

Papers, including saturated papers and low-basis weight papers, are the leading types of low-pressure laminates, accounting for a combined 80% of total low-pressure laminates demand in 2019.

Demand for portland cement in the United States totaled 95.2 million metric tons in 2020, accounting for 80% of regional demand.