Electrostatic Air Treatment System Sales to Reach 787,000 Units in 2021

Demand for air treatment systems with electrostatic technology is forecast to grow 4.0% per year to 787,000 units in 2021. In value terms, demand is expected to show gains of 4.9% per year through 2021, reaching $280 million. Growth will be supported by a healthy housing market, as this technology holds a strong position in both whole-house units and portable units. Moreover, electrostatic technology is considered more effective than conventional technology at removing certain contaminants, including smaller particles. These and other trends are presented in Consumer Air Treatment Systems in the US, a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

Limiting further gains will be the high average price for these units and the labor involved in frequently cleaning units that have washable filters. Additionally, units that include ionization elements have the potential to produce ozone as a byproduct. However, most suppliers have certified such units as safe in order to reassure consumers.

The average price for electrostatic treatment systems, the highest of any technology, is expected to grow under 1% per year through 2021, reaching $355 per unit. Gains will be supported by a strong and growing position in whole-house units, which are more expensive. Additional value gains will be aided by units that are augmented with advanced electronic technologies.

US demand for all types of consumer air treatment systems (conventional, electrostatic, ionic and other types) is forecast to increase 4.5% per year to over $800 million in 2021. Market growth will be supported by a healthy economy, including increased consumer spending on durable goods and a growing housing market; consumer education about the availability and benefits of air treatment systems; and technological advances in connectivity, filter status, and overall performance.

Consumer Air Treatment Systems in the US (published 12/2017, 150 pages) is available for $4900 from The Freedonia Group. For further details or to arrange an interview with the analyst, please contact Corinne Gangloff by phone 440.684.9600 or email [email protected].

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