Outdoor Living Boom Paves Way for US Landscaping Products Growth

According to The Freedonia Group’s new study on the US landscaping products market, consumers are crazy about outdoor living, and it’s positively impacting demand for higher value hardscape products and outdoor heating implements. Outdoor living can be characterized by such activities as:

  • lounging (e.g., reading or watching TV)
  • cooking and dining
  • entertaining guests
  • gardening and landscaping
  • tailgating

More information about this study is here: https://www.freedoniagroup.com/industry-study/landscaping-products-3738.htm

As consumers seek to expand the square footage of their homes by creating more elaborate “outdoor rooms” that emulate the comfort and aesthetics of indoor living areas, they’ll increasingly invest in more expensive (but better looking) hardscape products. Demand for hardscape products is expected to increase 5.4% per year through 2023, driven by interest in higher value products like:

  • stamped concrete plank pavers that resemble wood
  • natural stone products
  • porcelain pavers
  • permeable pavers that can help prevent issues with water runoff and flooding

Furthermore, outdoor living stalwarts like fire pits and chimeneas – part of the $665 million “other landscaping products” category – will see renewed interest from homeowners seeking to add ambiance to their outdoor rooms and extend their outdoor leisure time past sunset, particularly in cooler climates where outdoor living is seasonally limited.

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The Freedonia Group’s Landscaping Products study analyzes the US landscaping products market by product, market, and major US region. Historical data and demand forecasts are presented in value and volume terms. Pricing data, regulatory information, and in-depth profiles of leading industry participants, including market share and recent restructuring activity, are also provided.