Conventional Lawn & Garden Hoses Continue to Dominate Watering Products Market despite New Product Offerings

Demand for hoses is forecast to increase 3.5% per year to $615 million in 2023, supported by an improved economy and the development of higher quality products that are most desired by consumers. Growth will be more broad-based compared to the previous five-year period, when the introduction of expandable hoses and new lightweight hoses drove nearly all sales gains. These trends and more are analyzed in Lawn & Garden Watering Products published by The Freedonia Group.

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Conventional hoses will remain the largest segment and will account for 63% of hose sales in 2023:

  • Sales will be sustained by consumers who will continue to purchase these hoses for general use.
  • Gains will also derive from some disgruntled buyers of expandable hoses – which were partly responsible for the declining sales of conventional hoses following their introduction to the market – choosing to revert back to conventional products.

The smaller soaker and sprinkler hose segment will grow moderately off a small base. Advances will benefit from product innovation, performance advantages, and a preference for soakers in drought-impacted areas, which supported gains for these hoses during the 2013-2018 period.

Demand for all types of lawn and garden watering products is expected to grow at an annual rate of 2.8% through 2023 to $1.2 billion. Sales of lawn and garden watering products will be supported by:

  • continued consumer preference for lush, green lawns and beautiful gardens – while some consumers are shifting away from lawns to different landscaping, most homeowners, even in drier areas, prefer to have a lawn
  • increasing participation in outdoor living trends
  • rising interest in both decorative and edible gardening, especially among the large millennial cohort

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