Distribution Material Handling Equipment Market is Forecast to Expand 5.2% Annually Through 2023

Since 2008, the dramatic increase in global e-commerce activity – which revolutionized delivery of goods to consumers and businesses – has had a major impact on the global material handling equipment market. As new warehouses, order fulfillment centers, and other facilities were built by companies involved in e-commerce, associated material handling equipment sales surged. Most material handling equipment is utilized in this market. These trends and more are analyzed in Global Material Handling Equipment, an industry study from The Freedonia Group.

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The distribution material handling equipment market is forecast to expand 5.2% per annum through 2023 to $19.7 billion. Distribution is expected to register the fastest rate of growth among markets because of:

  • increasing international trade, which will spur sales of material handling equipment used in warehouses and export and import facilities
  • surging global e-commerce and the construction of new order fulfillment centers
  • the growing use of state-of-the-art technologies in distribution applications, including advanced storage and retrieval systems
  • the expansion of the global logistics and transportation sector

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