Freedonia Analyst Assesses Brink’s Acquisition of Cash Operations from G4S

On February 26, the Brink’s Company announced an agreement to acquire the majority of cash operations from G4S plc (London, UK) for $860 million. This deal will expand Brink’s position as a leader in cash-in-transit and related services.

“The transaction adds 14 new markets to the existing Brink’s footprint. It excludes the entire G4S Retail Cash Solutions business and cash operations in the U.K., South Africa and several smaller markets,” according to Brink’s.

Freedonia Group analyst Dan Debelius says, “Brink’s has made a number of acquisitions in the past few years and continues to make moves to grow its security service business in the US and globally. The acquisition of cash operations from G4S is the latest and largest in that pattern.”

Per Doug Pertz, president and CEO of Brink’s, the move will include “cash-intensive, emerging growth markets in Asia and Eastern Europe.”

Debelius adds, “Although the growth of e-commerce and cashless transactions is changing the cash service mix in many parts of the world, less developed markets are still are heavy users of cash for many transactions and require more traditional cash security services. Brink’s expansion into these areas will help them access these opportunities.”

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