Freedonia Group Launches COVID-19 Economic Tracker

As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak nears pandemic levels, the impact on global markets and supply chains is intensifying, causing volatility on Wall Street, production in China to hit record lows, and slowdowns in consumer activity.

The Freedonia Group has launched the COVID-19 Economic Tracker to keep you up to date with the latest COVID-19 news and provide analysis of how these developments will shape tomorrow’s markets, including:

  • near-term opportunities for food e-commerce and meal delivery as consumers self-isolate
  • ramped up production of face masks and other medical supplies amid shortages
  • supply disruptions for the chemical and construction materials sectors due to production shortfalls in China

Freedonia Group Senior Economist Thomas Bowne commented, “How large these effects will be worldwide depends on the progress of viral transmission, something no one knows with much certainty.”

Featuring insights from Freedonia and MRDC analysts, the COVID-19 Economic Tracker is now available to help you navigate coronavirus-related industry news as it breaks.