Demand for Countertops in Brazil Forecast to Grow 3.4% Annually Through 2024

According to analysts at The Freedonia Group, as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide, it is expected to have a major impact on global countertop demand in 2020, resulting in a slower rate of growth through 2024.

The fast-growing engineered stone countertop market will be significantly affected by the pandemic, particularly in the US.  

Brazil’s sizable share of the Central and South American countertop market reflects the comparatively large size of its consumer and construction sectors. In addition to having a large population, the country has a higher per capita income level than many other countries in the region, although a significant share of its population lives in poverty. Indeed, the country’s large favela population somewhat restrains countertop demand.

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Demand for countertops in Brazil is forecast to rise 3.4% annually to 18.9 million square meters in 2024.

Countertop demand in the residential market will improve from the 2014-2019 period, supported by a rebound in new residential demand, as:

  • new housing units increase
  • the use of countertops instead of shelves escalates
  • average housing unit size rises, which increases available space for kitchen surfaces and bathroom vanities

Going forward, investment in business and institutional sectors as Brazil’s economy improves will support moderate advances in nonresidential demand.