Sales of Surface Disinfectant Wipes Expected to Return to Relatively Normal Growth Patterns by 2024

In early 2020, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant volatility in the markets that use surface disinfectant wipes. Concern over possibly contracting the virus caused consumers and businesses to take steps to protect themselves, including maintaining a new preventive regimen comprised of social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment, frequent hand washing, and disinfecting of surfaces. From 2019 to 2020, sales of surface disinfectant wipes are expected to grow nearly 17%, reaching $470 million. Household wipes, the largest market for surface disinfectant, will show the strongest gains as consumer demand for these products spiked during the spring of 2020.

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According to analysts at The Freedonia Group, sales of surface disinfectant wipes, in general, depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • economic activity, which can act to either encourage or inhibit consumers’ spending or investment by nonresidential entities
  • awareness of surface contaminants and their potential to harm, as well as the efficacy of wipes to disinfect surfaces
  • product development, which creates higher value products and those that can penetrate new market segments
  • supplier mix, including a growing private label presence in the marketplace

Sales of surface disinfectant wipes have shown continual growth over the past two decades. Growth was strongest in the beginning of the millennium, after disinfectant wipes were unveiled by major players like Clorox and Reckitt Benckiser in 2000. Gains slowed in 2008 and 2009, following the housing collapse, but were able to withstand declines in most markets. Following the Great Recession, demand for surface disinfectant wipes has continued to grow, and surface disinfectant wipes have increasingly penetrated both the surface disinfectant cleaners and wipes markets.

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