Growing Roofing Markets to Watch Through COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond

A new series of Freedonia Group analyses projects US roofing demand to drop over 6% in 2020 due to slowed construction activity, particularly in the commercial market. Though overall roofing sales are expected to return to normal levels as the pandemic recedes and economies re-stabilize, some roofing segments are expected to fare better than others over the longer term.

TPO Membranes Will Be an Industry Bright Spot

While the overall roofing demand will fall through 2024, TPO roofing membranes will be an exception to that trend, posting solid advances in demand going forward. These products will be selected by many consumers because of their low cost, ease of installation, and favorable performance properties. Furthermore, because many of these membranes are white or light in color, they meet cool roofing criteria, a key characteristic for many contractors, especially in the southern half of the US.

Use of Liquid Applied Roofing Coatings to Grow Amid Pandemic Due to Low Cost

The replacement of a roof can be an expensive project for any building owner to consider – and the outlay of such capital may have become especially daunting for some due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses lost significant revenues. Some building owners may decide that – for the time being – it is more fiscally prudent to simply rejuvenate a worn or damaged roof with a liquid-applied roof coating than to undergo full replacement. Not only are roof coatings generally less expensive than most primary roofing, they are much less costly to install.

Through 2024, US demand for liquid-applied roof coatings is expected to climb nearly 2% annually.

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