Stand-Up Pouches to See Robust Demand Growth in Processed Foods Applications Through 2024

US pouch demand is expected to rise 3.7% annually to $11.0 Billion in 2024, according to a new Freedonia group analysis, as pouches (i.e., flat and stand-up types) capture additional market share from rigid containers, bags, and film wrap in a wide variety of applications – including small-but-fast-growing ones such as beverages and consumer goods like makeup and motor oil.

Processed food pouches hold particularly strong opportunities as major brand owners increasingly adopt higher value stand-up pouches. Through 2024, the processed food market is expected to be among the fastest growing for stand-up pouches, expanding nearly 7% per year:

  • Across all major applications, stand-up pouches are forecast to outperform flat (pillow and side seal) types due to their advantages, including enhanced shelf appeal and visibility, and ability to incorporate convenience features such as spouts and easy-to-use closures.
  • Among stand-up pouches, inverted pouches are seeing rapid adoption in condiment applications such as peanut butter and barbecue sauce, as well as in other processed foods such as sour cream and yogurt. These pouches offer superior convenience – with no need to unscrew a lid – as well as product differentiation and reduced product waste.

Want to Learn More?

Processed Food Pouches is now available from The Freedonia Group. This study provides historical data (2009, 2014, and 2019) and forecasts for 2024 for pouch demand (including merchant and captive production) in current dollars (including inflation) by product type and application and in units.

Processed food applications are segmented by:

  • dry foods (e.g., breakfast cereal, dried beans and rice, pancake and muffin mixes, powdered drink mixes, spices and seasonings)
  • frozen foods (e.g., fruits and vegetables; waffles, breakfast sandwiches, and other breakfast items; ice cream novelties; entrées; side dishes; ready-to-blend frozen drink mixes)
  • sauces and condiments, including tomato sauce, ketchup, mustard, jams and jellies, honey, guacamole, and peanut butter
  • baby food
  • other processed foods (e.g., applesauce and other processed fruit, cooked pasta and rice, pickles, shelf-stable meals)

Product segments covered include:

  • pillow pouches
  • side seal pouches (three-side seal and four-side seal)
  • stand-up pouches (round-bottom/Doyen, K-seal, corner-bottom, flat-bottom and other types)

Also discussed are pouch performance and/or physical characteristics such as:

  • resealable pouches
  • retort pouches
  • aseptic pouches
  • spouted pouches
  • shaped pouches
  • stick pouches
  • vacuum pouches