Lawn & Garden Mulch, Seeds, & Growing Media Sales Boosted by Pandemic DIY Gardening Trends

With people spending substantially more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of households are participating in their own lawn and garden maintenance, boosting sales in the $9 billion lawn and garden consumables market:

  • Many – though not all – new participants in DIY gardening activities are expected to continue with the hobby beyond the end of the pandemic.
  • Additionally, increased time at home has prompted many households to install and expand outdoor living spaces, as these areas encourage safer socialization. As homeowners will want to keep these spaces aesthetically pleasing, the increase in landscaping is expected to support demand for lawn and garden consumables over the long term.

Fastest Growing Lawn & Garden Consumables

Among lawn and garden consumables, the fastest growth through 2024 is expected for seeds, growing media, and mulch:

  • Rising gardening activity will boost demand for lawn and garden seeds used by consumers, and will support demand for live goods purchased from nurseries, which typically raise plants from seed, as live plants are generally considered to be easier to work with for new gardeners.
  • Sales of growing media will be bolstered by the increasing share of households purchasing and maintaining houseplants – including flowers, indoor seed-starting kits, and herbs – and sprucing up their yards with landscaping projects during the pandemic.
  • Increased landscaping activity will aid demand for lawn and garden mulch, as many newly landscaped areas will require at least partial reapplication of mulch on an annual basis (smaller volumes create good opportunities for packaged products), and higher priced mulches such as colored bark and gravel are often specified for landscape upgrades.

Want to Learn More?

Lawn & Garden Growing Media, Lawn & Garden Mulch, and Lawn & Garden Seeds – spinoffs of Lawn & Garden Consumables – are now available from The Freedonia Group. These studies analyze their respective markets of focus by product, market, and end user (consumer/DIY and professional/DIFM). Demand is shown at the manufacturers’ level. Historical data (2009, 2014, and 2019) and forecasts for 2024 and 2029 are provided in current dollars.