Demand for Modular Home Organization Units to Reach $3.4 Billion in 2025

Sales of modular home organization units are expected to increase 2.9% annually through 2025 to $3.4 billion. See the new study Home Organization Products for detailed trends.

Gains will result from:

  • continued consumer interest in the customizability of modular units, which allows consumers to adapt a unit to their specific needs or space limitations
  • the increasing awareness that custom modular products can increase a home’s value, both for consumers and professionals
  • the growing preference for customized storage in other areas of the home that can utilize modular units, like utility areas such as mudrooms or laundry rooms
  • growth in the construction of new homes, which often have larger closets (including master suite closets) and garages than older homes, and thus have room for modular unit installation in these spaces
  • increasing consumer interest in transitioning an extra bedroom to an individual dressing room
  • a rising number of empty nesters and retired baby boomers with free time, disposable income, and the drive to organize their homes

While the average number of bedrooms per house is expected to remain stagnant, expansion of the US housing stock will support sales of modular units. Furthermore, the average square footage of newly construction homes is expected to increase through 2025, which will support installation of additional storage.