Who’s Buying Home Organization Products & Why?

Virtually everybody uses home organization products – from the basic bins, shelves, and hanging units common throughout most US households, to more elaborate installations like custom-built modular units for closets, pantries, or garages. But who is buying these products, and why?

A Freedonia Group Survey conducted November-December 2020 found that 38% of US consumers bought home organization products in the past 12 months, with purchasing habits varying across demographic groups. For example:

  • Women were slightly more likely to have bought home organization products.
  • People in the 25-44 age range – which includes many first-time and trade-up homebuyers – were most likely to have purchased home organization products and that likelihood drops off significantly among those over 55.
  • Households with children under 18 were far more likely to have bought home organization products than households who did not. This trend also aligns with the middle age groups who are also more likely to be buying their first home or a home to fit their growing family.

Setting Up Home Office/Learning Space Was Top Reason for Home Org Product Purchases in 2020

As would be expected during the COVID-19 pandemic, the top reasons for buying home organization products in the past year was to improve a home office space, or set up a new one. Similarly, setting up home study space for telecommuting schoolkids also was a primary reason for purchases.

Still, evergreen reasons unrelated to the pandemic – such as replacing or upgrading an existing piece – accounted for a large number of purchases. Additionally, a sizable share of respondents needed the item for home remodeling projects. Closet and garage organization were popular DIY projects during the pandemic, while increased grocery sales correlated with growth in pantry storage needs.

Want to Learn More?

Sales of home organization products are forecast to grow 2.1% per year from an elevated 2020 level through 2025, reaching $13.5 billion, according to a new Freedonia Group analysis.

Home Organization Products analyzes the US market for home organization products. Sales are examined by product, material, room, and installation type in US dollars at the manufacturers’ level. Historical data for 2010, 2015, and 2020 and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 are presented in current dollars (which are not adjusted to account for inflation).

Products are discussed in terms of:

  • bins, baskets, and totes
  • shelving
  • modular units (e.g., closet and garage organization kits or systems) and various components (e.g., cubes, drawers, bins, open racks, shelves, and rods)
  • hanging storage
  • accessories and hardware

Material segments include:

  • metal and wire, including plastic coated wire
  • plastic
  • wood and laminate, including solid wood and laminate-covered engineered wood
  • wicker, rattan, and other natural weaves, such as hyacinth, seagrass, and bamboo
  • textiles and other materials (e.g., canvas, vinyl, glass)

Rooms are segmented by:

  • closets
  • garages
  • family rooms
  • kitchens and pantries
  • bedrooms
  • utility rooms, basements, and attics
  • outdoor areas
  • bathrooms

Installation segments are do-it-yourself (DIY) and professional. In addition, retail sales are discussed by retail channel:

  • mass merchant and discount stores, including mass merchandisers, membership club stores, dollar stores, and closeout stores
  • home centers and hardware stores
  • specialty channels