Demand for Windows and Doors in India is Forecast to Rise 11% Annually

Demand for windows and doors in India is forecast to rise 11% per year to $7.3 billion in 2025, representing the fastest rate of growth of any major national market worldwide. As in most developing countries, new construction applications account for the majority of window and door sales in India, and are expected to contribute the largest sales increases. These and other global trends are presented in the new study Global Windows & Doors, from the Freedonia Group.

Key factors driving such fast sales growth include:

  • accelerated gains in residential and nonresidential building construction
  • continued growth in household income levels and urbanization rates
  • government efforts to improve the availability of affordable housing and to reduce the stock of informal housing units
  • improved business fixed investment that will spur the construction and renovation of offices and other nonresidential structures
  • implementation of green building programs, such as the Energy Conservation Building Code for nonresidential buildings

Metal will remain by far the most popular material choice for windows and doors in India. Aluminum and steel products are preferred for their low cost and high durability, which is paramount due to the low income levels in the country. Vinyl products have begun to make inroads into the window market in India, as they can compete with metal products in terms of cost while offering greater energy-efficiency.