Vinyl Window Sales Grow 4% Annually to $42.5 Billion

Global demand for vinyl windows is forecast to increase 4.0% per year to $42.5 billion in 2025. Cost efficiency is the primary factor driving sales, as vinyl windows can offer a number of performance advantages over both metal and wood products at a competitive price. These and other trends are presented in the new Global Windows & Doors study, just published from The Freedonia Group.

Other drivers of sales gains include:

  • increasingly stringent building codes and energy efficiency regulations that promote the use of highly insulative windows
  • rising urbanization and the associated demand for windows with good sound deadening properties
  • more intensive use in applications such as nonresidential buildings and multifamily housing, where low-maintenance, low-cost materials are preferred
  • improvements to the aesthetics of vinyl windows, including more color options and textures that closely resemble wood

Emerging markets will account for the bulk of sales growth for vinyl windows, as these windows have already seen widespread penetration in Europe, the US, and Canada