Rising Focus on Patient Adherence to Boost Global Unit Dose Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand Growth Through 2025

Cleveland OH, February 3, 2022 – A new Freedonia Group analysis forecasts demand for unit dose pharmaceutical packaging to rise 6.4% annually to nearly $57.9 billion in 2025. Beyond increases in the production output of drugs and related products, growth will be supported by trends promoting the expanded use of higher value products:

  • Intensified efforts to improve patient adherence to prescribed drug treatment regimens will promote the increasing use of blister and strip packs and other unit dose containers.
  • Growth prospects for unit dose packaging systems will also benefit from expanding use in clinical drug trial applications based on patient adherence and recordkeeping advantages.
  • Strengthened infection prevention systems throughout the global medical community will boost applications for safety-enhanced unit dose pharmaceutical packaging, including auto-retractable prefillable syringes, pen-adaptable cartridges, and high barrier parenteral vials.
  • Unit dose blister packs will also benefit from intensifying generic and private label competition, which will prompt drug makers to upgrade the aesthetic, convenience, ease of use, and functional features of their containers to influence buying decisions among consumers and medical providers.

Blister Packaging to Lead Growth Through 2025; Prefillable Syringes & Parenteral Vials to Grow Faster

Among unit dose pharmaceutical packaging products, blister packaging will lead the global market in value terms based on solid oral dose applications, while prefillable syringes and parenteral vials will see the fastest growth. Trends boosting demand for unit dose prefillable syringes and/or parenteral vials include:

  • the increasing introduction of new and biosimilar therapies for cancer, viral disorders, and other debilitating diseases
  • a rise in the number of therapies approved for self-injection, made possible by ongoing improvements in syringe design and safety
  • a heightened focus on infection prevention in the parenteral drug delivery systems used in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, and nursing homes
  • the expansion of global preventive medicine activities, which will boost the need for single dose injectable vaccines against such diseases as COVID-19 and related variants, influenza, meningitis, and shingles

Want to Learn More?

Global Unit Dose Pharmaceutical Packaging, now available from The Freedonia Group, provides historical data (2010, 2015, 2020) and demand forecasts for 2025 and 2030 for unit dose pharmaceutical packaging in millions of US dollars (including inflation) by product type, geographical region, and selected countries. Unit demand for the same years are provided for most product groups.

Among the specific products analyzed are:

  • bottles and jars,
  • blister packaging
  • prefillable syringes (injectors and cartridge holders)
  • parenteral vials and ampuls
  • pouches
  • tubes
  • other packaging (strip packs; compartmented pill holders and dispensers; plastic, foil, and paper medication cups; metal and plastic tins; small paperboard boxes)

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