Global Demand for Point-of-Entry Water Systems to Grow 9.5% Per Year to $2.8 Billion in 2025

Cleveland OH, February 16, 2022 – According to a new study Global Consumer Water Treatment Products, global demand for Point-of-Entry (POE) water treatment systems is expected to grow 9.5% per year through 2025 to $2.8 billion. Conventional filtration will remain the dominant technology for POE systems. However, faster growth for membrane separation systems will increase that technology’s share of POE systems. Although membrane separation technologies are more expensive than conventional filtration, they have added performance benefits like more efficient filtration.

Overall, growth for POE systems will be supported by gains in new housing. Additionally, price increases will be supported by the increasing complexity of POE units that combine multiple technologies and stages to clean water; new units pair conventional treatment with UV filtration, as well as RO and other membranes, to provide more comprehensive treatment with a purer finished product.

While POE systems will see robust growth through 2025, some of the inherent qualities of POE equipment limit potential for greater market penetration. POE systems:

  • tend to cost more than POU systems, pricing some consumers out of the market
  • are larger, harder to maintain, and require plumbing expertise to install properly
  • tend to have multiple filters and membranes that need to be replaced and are not typically sold by big-box retailers
  • lack portability and tend to stay with the home, potentially limiting the return on what is a relatively large investment

Global Point-of-Entry Consumer Water Treatment study coming soon!

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