Robotic Mower Manufacturers Seeking to Penetrate New Markets

Cleveland OH, February 23, 2022 – Robotics represent one of the most important emerging segments of the global electric lawn and garden equipment industry, where these products already account for 45% of lawnmower demand:

  • Robotic mowers have achieved significant popularity and become an entrenched product in several European countries, most notably Sweden and Germany.
  • Many other European countries have begun to see significant proliferation of robotic mowers, and strong growth is expected due to the demonstrated success of these products in neighboring countries with similar lawn care markets.

According to a new Freedonia Group analysis, the US represents an even more attractive potential market. However, significant efforts will be needed to establish robotic mowers in the country. As a result, companies like Husqvarna are stepping up their efforts to sell robotic mowers in the US, but customer familiarity with these products remains low, and lack of awareness is a barrier to greater sales.

Innovation Fuels Demand Growth for Robotic Mowers

Development of robotic mowers has accelerated considerably since 2010, with an increasing number of firms introducing products in this segment. Demand growth has been boosted by several key areas of innovation:

  • Improvements in battery technology have been key to the growth of the robotic mowers segment, as all widely commercialized models rely on battery power.
  • Incorporation of GPS and other navigation technologies has offered opportunities to eliminate the need for a boundary wire, reducing installation costs.
  • The proliferation of internet-integrated systems has helped to ease user concern about theft.

In addition to robotic mowers, firms have begun to develop robots capable of handling other aspects of lawn and garden maintenance, including snow blowing and weed trimming. Most of these products have not achieved widespread commercialization, but industry leaders are increasingly investing in developing this niche.

Want to Learn More?

Global Electric Lawn & Garden Equipment, now available from The Freedonia Group, provides historical data for 2010, 2015, and 2020 and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 for global electric lawn and garden equipment demand in current dollar terms (which are not adjusted for inflation). Demand totals at the country level are also presented in local currency terms.

Demand by product is presented for:

  • lawn mowers
  • trimmers and edgers
  • chainsaws
  • turf and grounds mowers
  • other equipment, including blowers, vacuums, and sweepers; chipper/shredders; garden tractors; hedge trimmers; power tillers; snow blowers

Demand is also presented by power source (battery-powered, cordless electric) and by market (consumer, commercial).