Pouches & Bottles Benefit from Growth in Squeezable & Drinkable Yogurt

Cleveland OH, June 23, 2022 – A new Freedonia Group analysis projects growth in demand for yogurt pouches to continue to outpace that of other yogurt packaging formats, boosted by a healthy increase in sales of squeezable yogurt products. Bottles will also log above average growth due to ongoing interest in drinkable yogurts including kefir and other non-dairy yogurt alternatives, particularly among health-conscious adults. In contrast, slow growth in the mature spoonable segment will limit opportunities for cups and tubs.

Maturity of Spoonable Market to Limit Yogurt Packaging Demand Growth Through 2025

Demand for yogurt packaging is forecast to grow 1.3% per year to $605 million in 2025, limited by slow growth in overall yogurt consumption and stagnation in the dominant spoonable yogurt market. Factors supporting growth include:

  • the ongoing popularity of yogurt as a convenient, healthy snack and as a meal supplement/substitute
  • increasing use of value-added yogurt packaging products such as multi-compartment cups, paper cups (which provide sustainability advantages), and pouches with fitments that facilitate on-the-go consumption
  • rising use of higher value stand-up pouches in lieu of traditional tubs for larger volumes of yogurt to reduce food waste and lightweight packaging
  • growing sales of single-serving yogurt multipacks, which are more packaging-intensive than products sold individually

Want to Learn More?

Yogurt Packaging, now available from the Freedonia Group, provides historical data (2010, 2015, and 2020) and forecasts for 2025 for yogurt packaging demand by value in current dollars (including inflation) by application, product, and material.


  • spoonable yogurt
  • squeezable yogurt
  • drinkable yogurt


  • cups
  • tubs
  • bottles and jars
  • pouches (e.g., pillow, stand-up, and side seal) and bags
  • boxes and folding cartons
  • other yogurt packaging (e.g., lidding, sleeves)


  • plastic (including bioplastics)
  • other materials (e.g., paper and paperboard, glass, foil)