Demand for Smokers to Rise Nearly 9% Annually Through 2026

Cleveland OH, September 20, 2022 –  According to the new study Outdoor Grills, Smokers, Fryers, & Ovens, stationary smoker cabinets and smoker boxes accounted for nearly 2% of outdoor cooking equipment sales in 2021. Smokers are cooking equipment with an enclosed chamber for smoking (i.e., curing or imparting flavor) food. Smokers can be sold as standalone units or as separately sold attachments for installation on grills.

Demand for smokers is forecast to fall 8.9% per year from a high pandemic-related 2021 base to $44 million in 2026. Factors sustaining sales include:

  • increasing consumer interest in smoking foods as a hobby
  • ability of smokers to enhance flavor and offer cooking versatility
  • trend toward owning multiple outdoor cooking fixtures in addition to grills, particularly specialized artisanal units like smokers

However, penetration for smokers will remain limited by competition from grills that are able to impart flavor, particularly pellet and kamado grills.

Most market leaders in the US grill market also offer smokers, including WC Bradley and Weber-Stephen Products. These companies tend to focus on smaller, portable smokers, while smaller companies typically focus on larger, more upscale models. Many of these smaller companies often focus on the larger outdoor kitchen market, offering a range of refrigeration and storage products in addition to smokers and other outdoor cooking equipment.