Global Demand for I&I Disinfectants and Sanitizers in Food and Beverage Processing to Grow 4.8% Per Year Through 2026

According to the new study Global Industrial and Institutional (I&I) Disinfectants & Sanitizers, global demand for I&I disinfectants and sanitizers in food and beverage processing applications is projected to increase 4.8% per year to $3.6 billion in 2026. Gains will be supported by:

  • sustained growth in food and beverage processing activity, with faster growth in developing countries
  • rising public awareness of the risk of foodborne illness due to highly publicized cases of contaminated products coming from processing facilities
  • efforts in developing markets to draw sanitation and environmental standards in line with those in developed regions to appease the rising expectations of their own populations
  • manufacturers in developing countries strengthening their internal standards to meet the needs of export markets in developed countries

Unlike other manufacturing applications, the impact of pandemic-related sanitation measures on disinfectant and sanitizer demand in food and beverage manufacturing has been minimal since the frequency and intensity of these measures in food and beverage processing is already high (at least in more developed nations).

Food and beverage processing often poses particularly difficult challenges for cleaning chemicals due to the accumulation of grease, blood, and other organic wastes; suppliers have developed disinfectants and sanitizers specifically suited to such processing operations/machinery. Challenges such as these lend themselves to constant and intensive use of cleaning chemicals, but those substances’ uses in proximity to food and beverage products mean that either they or their byproducts must generally be safe to humans.