Disposable Medical Supplies Demand for Nonwovens to Reach $9.9 Billion in 2026

Cleveland OH, December 9, 2022 – According to the new Freedonia study Disposable Medical Supplies demand for nonwoven disposable medical supplies is expected to expand 1.8% annually to $9.9 billion in 2026. The products in this category have widely different patterns of use:

  • Surgical drapes, gowns, and staff apparel are mainly used during particular patient procedures, including for basic doctor’s appointments and specific medical procedures. Use of these products is highly dependent on trends in in-person medical appointments and procedures.
  • Face masks historically were only used in medical settings by medical professionals as PPE, but these products skyrocketed in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, when workers in all sectors of the economy (as well as all consumers) were required to wear them in public places by company and government mandates. Even as mandates eased, many chose to continue wearing masks in public in order to help prevent spread of disease.
  • Incontinence goods are used in medical settings, but they are also widely purchased by consumers for use at home. These products are essential to those who need them, and therefore they are insulated from outside market pressures.

Demand for medical garments and textiles will decline slightly through 2026, due to demand for masks falling significantly as the market corrects from pandemic-related spikes. While some consumers and workers outside of medical professions will continue to wear masks over the long term, the supply of these products now greatly exceeds demand, lowering their price. Additionally, many consumers have masks stockpiled.

In contrast, demand for other nonwoven garments and textiles will rise as patient procedures and surgical operations increase.

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