Intermediate Bulk Containers Demand to Grow Over 4% Annually to 2026

Cleveland OH, December 13, 2022 – According to the new Freedonia study Global Bulk Packaging, demand for IBCs is forecast to grow 4.2% per year to $11.0 billion in 2026. These products will continue to increase their share of the market due to their performance characteristics, which include their stackability and their ability to be used without the need for extensive additional bulk packaging, such as film wrap or straps.

RIBCs will remain the most-used product class, accounting for 54% of demand in 2026. RIBCs will see faster gains through 2026 as compared to FIBCs, with demand for the former driven partly by healthy increases in the global production of industrial chemicals – particularly fluid chemicals.

Increasing production of dried goods, including food and beverage ingredients and agricultural goods, will support demand for FIBCs.

Global demand for RIBCs is projected to increase 4.5% per year to $6.0 billion in 2026, supported by sustained growth in chemical and pharmaceutical production, the largest market for RIBCs. RIBCs will also increase their share of the IBC market due to their cost and performance advantages over smaller containers and/or those with shorter working lives.

The capacities, durability, and reusability of RIBCs make them suitable for industrial chemical applications. Other large markets for RIBCs include food and beverages, petroleum and lubricants, and hazardous waste.