Lawn and Garden Pesticide Demand to Grow 2.2% Annually

Cleveland OH, December 19, 2022 – Demand for lawn and garden pesticides is expected to expand 2.2% annually to $3.7 billion in 2026. Growth will result from price gains for these products, most notably in the near term that resulted in part to rising inflation- and supply chain-related costs. Additionally, increasing use of higher value products (at the expense of more commodity-like formulations) will support value gains, including:

  • value-added, easy-to-use formulations – such as those with two or more active ingredients – which are designed for broader effectiveness with the convenience of a single application
  • improved sprayers and ergonomically correct handles
  • organic pesticides

Further growth will be limited by continued concern about pesticide safety and competition from alternative pest management methods. However, these products are considered necessary by many to rid lawns and gardens of unwanted and potentially harmful pests. Additionally, the market for these products is expected to settle following the spike in consumer demand in 2020, with volume demand experiencing a slight decline through 2026.

The residential market will continue to account for the largest share of pesticide demand, accounting for 76% in 2026. This market is supported by the high importance that households place on attractive, weed-free lawns, gardens, sidewalks, and driveways.

The golf course market is the second largest outlet for lawn and garden pesticides, although gains therein will continue to be limited by the declining number of golf courses (despite an increase in rounds played during the pandemic) and more conservative pest management strategies.

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