The US will see an increasing use of small modular homes – accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or “tiny homes”.

The question in the title is easier to answer than others. Production of masks is skyrocketing.

As vacations and other plans hang in limbo, decking manufacturers are likely to benefit as homebound consumers prepare their outdoor areas for summer.

Through 2024, e-commerce will continue to provide growth opportunities for protective packaging

Brazil’s share of the Central and South American countertop market reflects the comparatively large size of its consumer and construction sectors.

The COVID-19 pandemic in the US is expected to have a mixed effect on commercial refrigeration equipment in 2020.

Demand for medical gloves worldwide is surging but production slowdowns and restrictions on trade are creating problems.

US sales of outdoor kitchen equipment are forecast to rise 6.3% per year to $780 million in 2024.

Plastic and glass pharmaceutical bottles demand is forecasted to expand 3.9% annually to $5.8 billion (30.3 billion units) in 2024.

The key trends driving molded pulp packaging sales are expected to support a quick return to strong growth as the effects of the virus subside.