Already elevated due to stay-at-home orders and increased consumer comfort-purchases amid the COVID-19 pandemic ice cream and frozen dessert sales are forecast to rise further as the summer heats up.

A national pallet shortage is affecting already-strained supply chains in a number of US markets.

New analysis found that demand for outdoor living products surged more than 8% in 2020, driven by several trends that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Asia/Pacific region is the largest outlet for automotive coatings due in large part to China’s large national market.

Water-based paints have largely penetrated the global architectural paint market, representing 77% of total demand in 2019.

Fiber optic cable demand is projected to advance 3.0% per year to $3.6 billion in 2025. Single-mode products will remain the bulk of demand, accounting for 73% of sales.

Among the key drivers of growth will be the release of pent-up demand as global economies renormalize post pandemic and capital investment returns to growth

Traditionally used for pricing, promotional, data processing, warning, and other secondary labeling applications, PSLs have significantly extended their application range in recent decades.

Flexographic and digital printing will continue to expand their share of the market at the expense of all other printing techniques (i.e., lithographic, screen, gravure, and letterpress printing).

In 2021 and beyond, the Asia/Pacific region will continue to drive global sales growth, supported by rebounding construction and rising investment as the pandemic recedes.