Demand for electric power transmission and distribution equipment in India is forecast to rise 8.2% per year to $15.8 billion in 2023. A strong economy and further upgrades and expansion of the nation’s underdeveloped electricity sector – both to reduce the large amount of power currently lost during transmission and to improve access to electricity in rural areas – will provide strong opportunities for growth in the country, as consumers switch away from alternative sources of power such as generators.

Demand for cannabis product packaging is anticipated to reach $278 million in 2019, increasing 31% per year to $1.1 billion in 2024. Primary and secondary containers (e.g., jars, bottles, folding cartons) will continue to account for the largest share of packaging demand at 62% of sales in 2024.

Global demand for fiber cement is forecast to reach 31.8 million metric tons in 2023, according to The Freedonia Group’s new Global Fiber Cement study. While roofing and siding will remain the two largest applications for fiber cement going forward, their outlooks will differ.

The US and Western Europe will continue to drive expansion in the global power lawn and garden equipment market, which is forecast to grow 2.6% through 2023 to $26.4 billion.

As major drug makers from Johnson & Johnson to Purdue Pharma face mounting legal challenges for their role in the US opioid epidemic, suppliers of the $94 billion global pharmaceutical packaging industry are using innovation to comply with regulations aimed at preventing such crises in the future.

According to Industrial Fasteners, a new study from The Freedonia Group, the industrial fasteners market in the US is mature but still growing, at a rate of nearly 3% per year through 2023.

The corrugated box, the primary vessel of e-commerce delivery, has been instrumental to the gradual chipping away of brick-and-mortar’s dominance of retail over the past decade: durable to ensure that online orders arrive intact, lightweight to keep shipping costs down, and opaque to protect customer privacy and prevent theft. However, a number of packaging innovations – spurred in part by Amazon’s desire to boost e-commerce’s environmental profile while further reducing operating costs and increasing customer convenience – could mean the beginning of the end for the tried-and-true packaging format in e-commerce.

According to The Freedonia Group’s new Sheds & Other Residential Outdoor Storage, the outdoor storage products market in the US will total $1.6 billion in 2023.

Global demand for corrosion and scale inhibitors in water treatment is projected to rise 5.5% per year to $12.1 billion in 2023. The primary factors promoting growth include: • expanding manufacturing and industrial activity in the Asia/Pacific region and other developing areas • increasing use of water treatment equipment in all major markets

Global demand for school buses is projected to expand 3.6% annually to 66,800 units in 2023, slower than the 2013-2018 rate of increase and anticipated gains for the bus market overall. Weak school bus sales growth in the US and Canada – two of the world’s three largest school bus markets – will prevent the segment from registering stronger growth.