Major frozen food brands and large grocery chains have pledged to meet specific sustainability goals through the increased use of recycled post-consumer content in their packaging products.

A sharp increase in remote work and learning during the pandemic boosted at-home meal preparation, thus, prompting consumers to stock up on convenient, long-lasting frozen foods.

Near-term growth will be boosted by surging retail sales of ice cream and frozen desserts amid the COVID-19 pandemic, though decreased foodservice activity will somewhat offset overall gains.

Quikrete Holdings announced recently that it was acquiring Forterra,. According to industry analyst Matt Zielenski, “This transaction will further enhance Quikrete Holdings’ position in the concrete building products market.

The global health crisis and an accelerated push for greater sustainability of materials are driving demand for carded nonwoven materials.

Demand for polyethylene pipe in China totaled 4.2 million metric tons in 2019, making it by far the world’s largest market with 33% of global demand and 59% of regional sales.

The nonwovens used in medical applications accounted for 9% of carded nonwovens sales in 2019.

Going forward, plastic pipe is also expected to gain share in larger diameter applications, such as water and sewer, oil and gas, and industrial processing.

Prefabricated housing interest has been rising in countries like Brazil and India since it offers a faster, more affordable solution for expanding and upgrading the housing stock than most traditional housing.

Though growth will moderate as the pandemic recedes, looking long term, lawn mower sales will continue to be bolstered by rising interest in trendy, high-value robotic mowers and electric lawn mowers.