The oil and gas market is expected to be the fastest growing pipe market, supported by a significant rebound in the number of wells drilled in the US as oil and natural gas prices increase from very low levels in 2020 and early 2021.

Although market growth will be restrained by the introduction of regulations limiting or outlawing the use of certain types of silicones in North America and Western Europe due to concerns about the safety of these products, opportunities exist.

In the industrial market, rental shop towels and rags are the primary products competing with wipes.

Suppliers of baby, personal hygiene, and household wipe products continue developing items that appeal to consumer desires for sustainability and environmental safety.

Price increases led to a massive spike in value demand in 2021 that was boosted by a return to growth in pipe usage.

Home improvement activity is an important aspect of the construction and building supplies industry, so an investigation into consumer trends can give insight to marketing and product development opportunities.

The market for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) is expected to contract quickly after peaking as early as 2022.

Western Europe already had the world’s highest penetration of HEVs in 2021, according to the Freedonia Group, and the region is expected to account for an increased share of demand by 2026.

Packaging sustainability has been most pronounced in the food, beverage, and consumer markets, with major packaging firms as well as end users.

The Freedonia Group forecasts demand for indoor air filtration equipment – including central systems, local units, and replacement filters – to grow 2.0% per year through 2025 to $1.8 billion.