Disinfectants and sanitizers will offer the best opportunities through 2024, driven by their use in a wide range of applications – from healthcare to foodservice to food and beverage processing.

Despite projected declines in foodservice revenues and a high number of restaurant closures in 2020, demand for single-use products will register growth due to a sharp increase in off-premise dining (e.g., delivery, drive-through, takeout).

Analyst Matt Zielenski comments, “The merger of these two companies will create the largest retailer of building materials in the US, one that has sales locations in nearly every major metropolitan area in the nation...."

The fastest growth for countertop materials is expected in higher value materials with lower penetration rates than more commonly used solid surface, laminate, and granite materials.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the $182 billion global turbine market is expected to vary significantly by product type.

Momentive Performance Materials entered into an agreement to sell its Consumer Sealants division to Henkel. Matt Zielenski and Kent Furst provide comments.

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Jennifer Mapes-Christ, manager of consumer & commercial research, addresses concerns regarding elevators.

Vinyl siding has ceded its role as the market leader to stucco.

Sheds, tiny houses, granny pods are supplemental structures that can provide an option for additional office space, classrooms, and play space, guest stays and clean socializing.