Growth in the use of integrated digital security systems has blurred the line between physical and cybersecurity.

According to Freedonia Group analyst Matt Zielenski, “ADUs will play an important role in the US housing market going forward..."

Greater penetration of household monitoring equipment associated with the Internet of Things will boost revenues in the residential market.

Sales of both normal temperature and low temperature display cases will continue to be impacted by the R-22 refrigerant ban.

A growing regulatory focus on compliance with storage temperature requirements will support demand in pharmaceutical and medical applications.

The pandemic has altered the perception of plastic bags, which are considered safer and more hygienic than reusable types.

The transportation infrastructure market accounted for 32% of global geosynthetics demand in area terms and will remain the leading application through 2024.

Screwdriver shipments are expected to return to growth through 2024, rising 2.1% annually to $140 million.

Concern about contracting the virus caused consumers and businesses to take steps to protect themselves, including the disinfecting of surfaces.

Jennifer Mapes-Christ, consumer and commercial group leader for the Freedonia Group, “This is part of the ongoing battle between waste and sustainability concerns and the need for improved hygiene as the foodservice industry figures out operations in a pandemic..."