Screwdriver shipments are expected to return to growth through 2024, rising 2.1% annually to $140 million.

Concern about contracting the virus caused consumers and businesses to take steps to protect themselves, including the disinfecting of surfaces.

Jennifer Mapes-Christ, consumer and commercial group leader for the Freedonia Group, “This is part of the ongoing battle between waste and sustainability concerns and the need for improved hygiene as the foodservice industry figures out operations in a pandemic..."

Foodservice markets are expanding in large developing countries such as China, India, and Indonesia, where rising incomes and Westernizing dining customs are driving new demand for foodservice.

Demand for meltblown nonwovens used in the production of masks and respirators is forecast to more than double in 2020 due to surging demand for these products amid the pandemic.

Repair and modernization tends to generate a relatively steady stream of business for elevator firms regardless of the macroeconomic climate.

“AZEK has a leading market position in the rapidly growing plastic and composite decking product segments, and its brand names – such as AZEK and TimberTech – are some of the most recognizable in the industry..."

The pandemic has altered the ongoing shift away from plastic. Plastic single-use products are considered more hygienic than reusable items. As restaurants reopen, many are opting to use single-use cups, cutlery, and plates instead of reusable serviceware for guests.

A new downloadable white paper, written by Content Writer and Analyst Peter Kusnic, examines the tiny home market - including who's buying them and how they are made and distributed - and includes an interview with our Prefabricated Housing Industry Analyst Matt Zielinski.

Face shields offer a number benefits, both in terms of hygiene and supply. They: • allow face masks to be used longer • provide coverage of the wearer’s entire face • are easy to produce • have not faced the same raw material shortages that masks have