Freedonia analysts examine the short- and long-term impacts of the latest coronavirus on global foodservice revenues. Growth is forecast to rise 3.7% annually to $4.4 trillion in 2024.

Analyst Gleb Mytko addresses the short-term challenges and long-term opportunities for the global motorcycle market.

Jennifer Mapes-Christ, Consumer & Commercial Group Manager notes, “Smart lighting has been a rapidly growing industry, a trend that is likely to accelerate in a world now shaped by the COVID-19 crisis.”

Consideration by producers and users of environmental issues is expected to benefit producers of plastic pallets. Corrugated and molded pulp pallets are also desirable for their low environmental impact. Nevertheless, wood pallets will continue to dominate.

Metal fencing demand is forecast to reach $4.9 billion in 2024. Plastic fencing will grow faster though.

Malaysia, a minor producer historically, made significant capacity gains in 2018 and 2019 thanks to investments from two Chinese firms.

Analysts at the Freedonia Group recently published their analysis of the global industrial and institutional disinfectant and sanitizer market.

The US will see an increasing use of small modular homes – accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or “tiny homes”.

The question in the title is easier to answer than others. Production of masks is skyrocketing.

As vacations and other plans hang in limbo, decking manufacturers are likely to benefit as homebound consumers prepare their outdoor areas for summer.