Western Europe has large aerospace equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, and motor vehicle manufacturing industries, all of which are major fastener markets.

Use of synthetic roofing underlays has surged over the past decade due to increasing consumer recognition of their performance properties, such as enhanced resistance to moisture and ease of installation.

Growth will be the result of healthy shipment expansion in a number of key plastic container applications, such as oral care products and cosmetics.

The rising incidence of severe osteoarthritis conditions in the aging population will underlie gains.

A continuing shift toward the use of waterborne latex paints -- a trend that is occurring in virtually all parts of the world -- is projected to fuel market gains.

Going forward, strong gains in office and commercial construction spending and a recovery in institutional building construction activity will boost demand for wood molding and trim in the nonresidential market.

Advances will be driven by opportunities in bedding, a formerly mature market that continues to be revitalized by the success of memory foam, and strong demand from carpet and flooring markets.

The healthcare sector will register the most rapid demand gains of any major single-use battery market, averaging 5.9 percent per year through 2020, much faster than the overall single-use battery market growth of just 1.5 percent annually.

Demand for security products and services in the education market is expected to rise 3.4 percent annually to $2.5 billion in 2020.