Despite developed manufacturing industries, the US and China are expected to account for half of all packaging equipment sales growth through 2026, finds a new Freedonia Group analysis.

Earlier this year, Kroger announced the launch of an assortment of reusable products in select US stores via its partnership with circular packaging firm Loop.

The new labels aim to help identify products and packaging that are designed to be refillable, reusable, compostable, made from recycled content, or made from materials that reduce use of plastic.

While demand for decorative wood panels will remain flat or decline in most applications by 2024, a new Freedonia Group analysis finds that finish flooring will be an exception, growing over this period.

A new Freedonia Group analysis forecasts demand for decorative wood panels to remain around 4.4 billion square feet, as measured on a 3/8-inch basis, through 2024.

The reroofing market will continue to account for nearly 80% of the demand total, but growth through 2025 will be limited by the large number of older or worn roofs that were repaired or replaced in 2020.

Advances will be spurred by both price increases and a continuing shift to higher value roofing products that are seen as offering superior performance or aesthetic properties.

Suppliers of metal roofing and roofing tile will benefit from their products’ superior resistance to severe weather events (particularly uplift caused by high winds), long product lifespans,

Biolubricants, which are lubricants derived from renewable or biomass feedstocks rather than petroleum, are expected to play an increasingly important role in the forestry equipment industry.

Growth in the $45 billion US market for corrugated and paperboard boxes through 2026 will be bolstered by growing demand for value-added features, according to a new Freedonia Group analysis.