Demand for rubber conveyor belts in the Asia/Pacific region is forecast to advance 6.9% annually through 2022 to $4.4 billion. Gains will be well above the global average as ongoing industrialization efforts and rising mechanization rates in many regional mining markets bolster conveyor belt demand.

Demand for green roofing vegetation is forecast to grow 11% per year to $46.9 million in 2023. Vegetation is the most distinctive component of green roofing., the leading research aggregator and parent company of Profound, The Freedonia Group, Packaged Facts and Simba Information, celebrates its 20th year in business.

Global demand for ball bearings is projected to increase 5.1% per year through 2022 to $40.0 billion, primarily due to increased production of electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, and motor vehicles.

Demand for plastic roofing is forecast to rise 1.5% annually to 27.21 million squares in 2022. TPO roofing membrane demand will account for 61% of plastic product share in 2022.

Global guard service revenues are projected to increase 6.0% per year to $145.2 billion in 2022. Growth will be driven primarily by gains in developing countries, with highly populous industrializing nations such as China and India contributing a particularly large share.

Global demand for surface mining machinery is forecast to rise 4.5% annually to $30.1 billion in 2022, due to: • growing aggregates, coal, and other material strip mining activity, which is supported by advances in construction and manufacturing activity • rising mechanization rates in developing nations around the world • incorporation of new technologies into trucks, excavators, loaders, and other surface mining equipment, which will fuel price growth Open strip mining continues to be the most economical way to extract surface deposits of many minerals, promoting high levels of demand for surface mining equipment globally through 2022 and beyond.

Demand for residential garage doors is forecast to increase 4.8% per year to $2.2 billion (3.2 million units) in 2022. Overall, sales growth will be driven by: • continued healthy advances in new housing construction • strong increases in residential improvement spending • homeowner tendency to trade up to better quality, more expensive products (such as by replacing standard steel garage doors with models featuring improved insulation or glass panels) • ongoing emphasis on boosting curb appeal and property value by investing in higher priced garage doors

Demand for antioxidants in lubricant applications is expected to increase 1.5% per year to 194.9 million pounds in 2022. Among lubricant additives, antioxidants are expected to exhibit one of the strongest growth rates in volume terms through 2022, and they will also see healthy price gains.

Global demand for motorcycle tires is projected to rise 4.0% annually through 2022 to 704 million units valued at nearly $14 billion. Advances in motorcycle tire sales will outperform the global tire average as growth in the production and use of motorcycles outpaces that of motor vehicles.