Demand for pouches used in candy and snack food packaging is forecast to increase 3.8% annually through 2022 to $3.4 billion. The fastest gains are expected for smaller segments such as nuts and dried fruit, which are benefiting from trends toward smaller packages and healthy snacking.

Through 2022, demand for fencing in residential applications is forecast to rise 5.3% annually to $4.8 billion, outperforming sales in other major markets. Gains will be driven by increased spending on residential improvement and repair projects, additional growth in housing completions, and the increased usage of high-value fencing, including ornamental metal and plastic and composite.

US demand for hand tools is projected to rise 1.4% annually to $5.7 billion in 2022. Growth will be sustained by rising homeownership rates among millennials and women, who represent new sales opportunities for hand tool manufacturers, as well as a growing interest in DIY activities among consumers.

Canadian industrial silica sand demand is projected to rise 6.7% annually to 9.81 million metric tons in 2022. Growth will be driven by the need for frac sand by oil and gas suppliers.

Global heat pump demand is projected to rise 5.9% per year to $36.2 billion in 2022. Heat pumps will outperform other HVAC equipment types due to their energy efficiency and ability to provide both heating and cooling without need for additional equipment.

Commercial refrigeration equipment demand in Brazil is projected to grow 6.5% per year to $610 million in 2022. As the country recovers from an economic downturn, businesses will be more willing to make upgrades to their commercial refrigeration equipment.

Commercial and industrial lubricant demand in the US is projected to grow 1.0% annually to 497 million gallons in 2022. Growth will be driven by an increase in the number of active oil and gas rigs in the US, which use engine oil and transmission and hydraulic fluid for lubrication.

Demand for metal commercial windows and doors is forecast to increase 3.7% per year, in line with the overall average, but slower than plastic. Builders and building owners continue to favor metal windows and doors for their strength, durability, and minimal maintenance.

Demand for low-pressure laminates is forecast to reach 10.3 billion square feet in 2022 on annual gains of 2.4%. Thermoplastic films are expected to post the fastest gains of all low-pressure laminate types due in part to their performance advantages, such as: • ease of cleaning • durability • enhanced design flexibility via the ability to wrap these laminates around irregular and curved surfaces

Demand for consumer water treatment systems in the Asia/Pacific region is expected to show gains of 9.0% per year through 2022 to $10.3 billion. Driven by advances in China and India, the growth rate is the second fastest of any region in the world after the Africa/Mideast region.