Plastic, the leading material in the behind-the-wall plumbing market, will continue to gain share of product demand through 2025.

In April 2018, steep tariffs in excess of 200% were imposed on quartz imports from China. In response, US producers and fabricators sought other low-cost sources of quartz slab, most notably India and Turkey, resulting in Chinese imports plummeting

Porcelain slab is rapidly rising in popularity as consumers seek alternatives to engineered stone and granite.

Through 2026, demand for countertops in the US is forecast to rise 4.4% per year to 1.1 billion square feet valued at $56.8 billion.

Nonresidential customers are the primary outlet for systems integration services, at 95% of revenues in 2021.

Leading providers of conventional security services also continue to acquire smaller firms with advanced technological competencies as the security systems integration market develops.

Some pandemic-era trends – such as the increased presence of security guards at facilities like grocery stores and more people doing remote work – have persisted, and the long-term effects on the security service market are complex.

Precast concrete products will continue to compete with poured-in-place concrete – throughout the forecast period and beyond – due to the latter’s lower cost and familiarity among building contractors.

Precast concrete products are increasingly specified during the construction of a variety of commercial structures (including high-rise offices, hotels, and industrial buildings) because of their durability and uniformity.

Gains in precast concrete product demand will be fueled by increased specification of precast concrete products over site-poured concrete and steel in many applications.