Our research found that healthy increases in demand were seen in the retail sector, especially online grocery applications, while other markets were restrained.

Virtually everybody uses home organization products. But who is buying these products, and why?

A hot US housing market will continue to boost near-term demand for insulated wire and cables used in the construction industry.

Our new analysis forecasts demand for fiber optic cable to increase 3.0% per year to $3.6 billion in 2025, with investment in infrastructure to support the rollout of 5G networks among the key growth drivers

Demand for labels in the pharmaceutical market is projected to expand 4.4% per year to $1.4 billion in 2025, outpacing nearly all other primary packaging markets.

Though Western Europe, home to IKEA, will remain the second-leading regional market due to its large ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture industry, the region’s share of the global furniture laminates market will continue to slide through 2024.

Primary heat shrink labels are increasingly used for: • cosmetics • toiletries • OTC pharmaceuticals • nutritional supplements

The increasing awareness that custom modular products can increase a home’s value, both for consumers and professionals.

Building activity is driving surge for a range of building materials – from drywall and concrete to paint, pipes, and wires – that suppliers can’t get to builders fast enough.

Our new analysis projects global demand for pressure sensitive (PSA) tapes to increase 3.8% per year to 58.4 million square meters in 2025.