Download Introduction to Big Ideas in the Outdoor Living and Lawn & Garden Industries, 2018

This Freedonia webinar highlights the key themes shaping the outdoor living and lawn & garden industries -- from powered and manual lawn and garden care equipment to pesticides, growing media, and other consumables to landscaping components and outdoor furniture, grills, and complete outdoor kitchen set ups.

The big ideas discussed in this webinar are among the issues propelling the industry forward and resulting in new opportunities and ways to expand market reach in 2018 and beyond.

Jennifer Mapes-Christ, the manager of Freedonia’s Consumer & Commercial research group, walks you through some of these important themes, introduces you to the currently available catalog of reports, and provides a sneak-peak of upcoming titles.

These selected trends are highlighted from the following categories:

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle Trends
  • Product Innovations
  • Environmental Concern
  • Consumer v. Pro
  • Changing Distribution Channels

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