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Sales of food and beverage containers are forecast to increase 3.1% per year to $70 billion in 2023. As consumer preferences and priorities evolve, both packaging and food and beverage companies look for ways to innovate, so their packaged goods will not only meet the needs of consumers, but also stand out on store shelves. Packaging can address these changes through developments in the containers, the closure mechanisms, or even their labels.

Opportunities exist in packaging that addresses key concerns such as:

  • Convenience – e.g., single-serving, resealable, designed for on-the-go consumption
  • Sustainability – e.g., greater recycled content, environmentally friendly disposal, reusable, limits food waste
  • Improved experience – e.g., playful elements and interactive features
  • Product quality protection – e.g., longer shelf life, easier way of knowing when a product is spoiled
  • E-commerce – e.g., lighter weight, greater durability and packaging integrity

Key Findings in the Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation Study:

Packaging and the Environment: Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution

Food and beverage packaging is among the most likely to be littered, with the recognizable branding of a multinational firm visible when the package becomes waste. Therefore, consumers are increasingly holding brand owners accountable for the environmental impact of their products. Furthermore, a growing share, particularly younger consumers, is willing to pay extra for more sustainable packaging.

A variety of opportunities exist for companies that consider the entire life cycle of packaging and packaged food products, from lowering carbon emissions in manufacturing and transportation to simplifying the recycling process. Furthermore, packaging changes can help food and beverage companies meet their sustainability targets.

Consumer Frustrations and Product Needs will Influence How Food and Beverages are Packaged

Innovation in food and beverage packaging that addresses the frustrations of consumers or the requirements of the producers or the product will increase sales for that packaging and products that they contain.

  • As consumers age, dexterity and vision issues exacerbate frustrations with packaging, making ease of opening and closing a crucial design element.
  • Consumers’ busy lifestyles and preference for snacking and grazing support convenience-focused innovations.
  • Edible cannabis products often have state-level regulations such as those that mandate opaque, resealable packaging, which is child-resistant. Innovation in zipper-closures with security tabs have helped meet these requirements.

Study Coverage

This report analyzes shifting and emerging trends in food and beverage packaging, focusing especially on new forms of packaging used by marketers, and consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding food and beverage packaging. Included are packaging innovations from around the world, but the focus is on how innovation will shape the US packaging market. It presents historical data (2008, 2013, and 2018) and forecasts for 2023 for food and beverage containers, US e-commerce sales, global e-commerce packaging, active and intelligent packaging, and packaging material mix. Consumer attitudes and behavior concerning packaging and recycling from proprietary Freedonia US national consumer surveys are presented.

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Table of Contents



Key Findings

Solving Problems with Innovative Packaging

Food & Beverage Packaging Outlook

Food Container Demand

Beverage Container Demand

Converted Flexible Packaging Demand

E-Commerce Food Packaging Demand

Active & Intelligent Food & Beverage Packaging Demand

Packaging Innovators

Material Suppliers

Packaging Specialists

Food & Beverage Companies

Factors Affecting Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation





Differentiation & Personalization


Innovation in Food & Beverage Packaging Machinery


Key Findings

Frustrations with Packaging

Priorities in Packaging Features

Target Age Group Market for Packaging Innovation

Environmental Attitudes

Consumer Attitudes on Sustainable Packaging

Consumer Attitudes on Recycling & Environmental Responsibility

Consumer Attitudes on Recycling Packaging

Packaging Priorities for Households with Children

Willingness to Try Something New


Key Findings




On-the-Go Consumption

Retail-Ready Packaging


Source Reduction

Recycled Content





Prevents or Limits Food Waste

Responsibly Sourced Materials





Preserves Nutrition & Taste

Smart Features Showing Freshness, Ripeness, or Time Until Expiration





Key Findings



Trends in Closures & Fitments

Smart Labels & Active & Intelligent Packaging

Digital Printing





Freedonia Methodology

Study-Specific Methodology


Associations & Agencies

Related Studies & Reports

Macroeconomic Assumptions

Economic Environment

Demographic Trends

Packaging Shipments by Material

List of Tables


Table 2-1 | Food Container Demand by Type, 2008 - 2023 (million dollars)

Table 2-2 | Beverage Container Demand by Material, 2008 - 2023 (billion units & million dollars)

Table 2-3 | Converted Flexible Food & Beverage Packaging Demand by Market, 2008 - 2023 (million dollars)

Table 2-4 | Selected US Food & Beverage E-Commerce Indicators, 2013 - 2028 (billion dollars)

Table 2-5 | Active & Intelligent Food Packaging Demand, 2008 - 2023 (million dollars)


Table 3-1 | Consumer Insights: Opinions on Packaging Frustrations, 2018 (percent of total respondents)

Table 3-2 | Consumer Insights: Opinions on Packaging Features, 2018 (percent of total respondents)

Table 3-3 | Packaging Features: Consumer Opinions on Sustainable Packaging, 2018 (percent of total respondents)

Table 3-4 | Consumer Insights: Attitudes on Recycling & Environmental Responsibility, 2018 (percent of total respondents & index)

Table 3-5 | Consumer Insights: Attitudes on Recycling Packaging, 2018 (percent of total respondents)

Table 3-6 | Packaging Attribute Priorities of Households with Children (percent of total respondents)

Table 3-7 | Consumer Insights: Attitudes on Food, Health, & Social Interaction by Gender, 2018 (percent of total respondents & index)

Table 3-8 | Consumer Insights: Attitudes on Food, Health, & Social Interaction by Age, 2018 (percent of total respondents & index)


Table 6-1 | Relevant Industry Codes

Table 6-2 | Abbreviations & Acronyms Used in Study

Table 6-3 | Macroeconomic Indicators, 2008 - 2023 (billion 2012 dollars)

Table 6-4 | Population & Households, 2008 - 2023 (million persons)

Table 6-5 | Packaging Supply & Demand, 2008 - 2023 (billion dollars)

List of Figures


Figure 1-1 | Food & Beverage Innovation Trends


Figure 2-1 | Key Trends in Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation

Figure 2-2 | Packaging Innovation: Bemis' Stand-Up Pouch Innovation


Figure 3-1 | Consumer Insight on Food & Beverage Packaging

Figure 3-2 | US Population by Age & Gender, 2018 (million people)

Figure 3-3 | Typical Grocery Spending per Visit, 2018 (percent of total respondents)


Figure 4-1 | Key Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation Trends

Figure 4-2 | Product Spotlight: MegaMex Foods' Single-Serving Guacamole Containers

Figure 4-3 | Product Spotlight: Snapsil's Single-Serving Packaging Opened with One Hand

Figure 4-4 | Product Spotlight: ProAmpac's Unique Single-Serving Format

Figure 4-5 | Product Spotlight: Orkla Group's Convenience-Enhanced Resealable Packaging

Figure 4-6 | Product Spotlight: Frito-Lay's (PepsiCo) Doritos Crunch Prism Pack for On-the-Go Snacking

Figure 4-7 | Product Spotlight: Whirlybird Granola's Healthy On-the-Go Packaging

Figure 4-8 | Product Spotlight: CartoCan Paper Beverage Can

Figure 4-9 | Product Spotlight: Annie's Homegrown Cereal Box Containing Post-Consumer Recycled Content

Figure 4-10 | Product Spotlight: Recyclable Coffee Pods

Figure 4-11 | Product Spotlight: Amcor Packpyrus - Recyclable in Paper Stream

Figure 4-12 | Product Spotlight: Compostable Food Containers Developed by BASF

Figure 4-13 | Product Spotlight: Plantic Bio-Based Resins

Figure 4-14 | Product Spotlight: Häagen-Dazs' Reusable Containers

Figure 4-15 | Product Spotlight: Yoplait's Reusable Glass Pots for Upcycling

Figure 4-16 | Product Spotlight: MonoSol's Vivos Water-Soluble Films

Figure 4-17 | Product Spotlight: LiquiGlide

Figure 4-18 | Product Spotlight: Green Grass Foods' Biopolymer Aseptic Cartons

Figure 4-19 | Product Spotlight: Coca-Cola's Playful Bottle Experience

Figure 4-20 | Product Spotlight: PepsiCo's Can Designed for Gamers

Figure 4-21 | Product Spotlight: Eggyplay Egg Containers

Figure 4-22 | Product Spotlight: CrownSmart Augmented Reality Cans

Figure 4-23 | Takigawa Fresh Kisses Product Example

Figure 4-24 | Product Spotlight: Mimica Touch Label

Figure 4-25 | Product Spotlight: Chromatic Technologies' High-Pressure Pasteurization Indicator Ink

Figure 4-26 | Product Spotlight: Ardagh's Matte Impact Effect for Beverage Cans

Figure 4-27 | Product Spotlight: Anheuser Busch InBev's Champagne-Flute Beverage Can Design

Figure 4-28 | Product Spotlight: Cheer Pack's Transparent Pouch

Figure 4-29 | Product Spotlight: Coca-Cola's Personalized & Customizable Containers

Figure 4-30 | Product Spotlight: Owens-Illinois' Personalized Glass Printing Promotion

Figure 4-31 | E-Commerce: Garçon's Flat PET Wine Bottles

Figure 4-32 | Product Spotlight: Consolidated Mills' PET Salsa Jar for E-Commerce


Figure 5-1 | Key Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation Technologies

Figure 5-2 | Technology Spotlight: JR Packing's Bag-on-Valve Technology

Figure 5-3 | Technology Spotlight: Coombs Family Farms' Maple Syrup in Bag-on-Valve Cans

Figure 5-4 | Product Spotlight: Corto Olive's TRULY Olive Oil in Bag-in-Box Container

Figure 5-5 | Product Spotlight: CannaSafe Child-Resistant Lid Assembly for Aluminum Cans

Figure 5-6 | Product Spotlight: Berry Global's Updated PalmSoft Closure with Improved Grip

Figure 5-7 | Product Spotlight: Aptar's FLIP LID & Stay-With Tethered Closures

Figure 5-8 | Product Spotlight: Smurfit Kappa Stand-Up Pouch with Spigot Closure

Figure 5-9 | Innovation Technology: Digimarc Barcode

Figure 5-10 | Innovation Technology: Zappar Augmented Reality Platform

Figure 5-11 | Innovation Technology: HP Indigo Ad Featuring Epac Packaging

Figure 5-12 | Innovation Technology: Glass Bottles Printed with O-I: Expressions

Figure 5-13 | Innovation Technology: Bud Light Rainbow Bottles for LGBTQ Pride Month


Figure 6-1 | Annual Growth in Real GDP, 2000 - 2018, Compared to 1980 - 2005 Average (percent)

Figure 6-2 | Annual Population Growth, 2003 - 2018 (percent)

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