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Through 2024, global demand for engineered stone countertops is forecast to rise 4.8% per annum to 75.2 million square meters. In the near-term, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to reduce demand for engineered stone countertops, as global economic output declines and engineered stone production is disrupted. However, demand is expected to recover, with long-term market advances supported by:

  • major expansions to the global production base, particularly in the Asia/Pacific region, leading to increasing availability of these products in developing regions
  • significant changes in consumer preferences in the US and Canada, supporting demand for engineered stone countertops at the expense of materials such as laminate
  • broadened distribution networks and sales channels for engineered stone products in both developed and developing countries
  • engineered stone’s durability, resistance to damage, and availability in a wide variety of colors

Despite Tariffs in the US, Engineered Stone Countertops Outpace Other Leading Materials

Through 2024, engineered stone is projected to be the fastest growing major countertop surface material in the US, which is the largest global market for engineered stone countertops. Engineered stone countertops have made rapid inroads in the market since 2014 due to robust increases in the availability of engineered stone in popular colors. However, an even faster rate of growth will be prevented by trade tensions and steep tariffs on quartz slab imports from China and India, as other sources of quartz slab have been unable to meet surging US demand for these products.

Asia/Pacific to Remain Largest Regional Market Through 2024

Through 2024, demand for engineered stone countertops in the Asia/Pacific region is expected to grow at a strong pace, supported by a rapidly expanding production base that will make the material more widely available, as well as increasing penetration rates for engineered stone in nonresidential construction projects. Production in the region will continue to outpace that in all other regional markets, as over 300 new companies have begun producing quartz surfacing products in China and India alone since 2014.

Kitchen Remodels Continue to Drive the Global Engineered Stone Countertop Market

Residential kitchen remodeling, particularly in the US, Canada, and Western Europe, remains the most significant outlet for engineered stone countertop products, as these markets feature:

  • high income levels
  • a significant stock of single-family housing
  • high levels of demand for kitchen cabinets

Additionally, consumers in these countries prefer kitchen remodels to other home remodeling projects and are more willing to trade up to more expensive countertop materials, such as engineered stone, when making home improvements.

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