Study #: 3864 | Published: 06/2020 | Pages: 42 | Individual User License: US$ 2,900

Global demand for meltblown nonwovens is expected to increase over 12% in 2020 in value terms. Surging demand for meltblown used in crucial medical supplies like masks caused supply shortages and price hikes that were offset by losses in the large automotive filter market, as the need to combat the spread of COVID-19 boosted use of protective gear while leading to shutdowns of many automotive manufacturing facilities.

Both existing manufacturers of meltblown nonwovens and other companies are investing in production and seeking out additional capacity to churn out as much meltblown product as possible to meet surging need for healthcare products and to help mitigate lost sales in other markets.

Demand for meltblown in other applications will also be affected by the challenges of the current pandemic:

  • As manufacture of products that are not “essential” or that have seen weakened demand (e.g., ICE filters, due to suppressed motor vehicle production) has slowed or stopped, demand for nonwovens in these applications has suffered. As a result, some manufacturers of meltblown nonwovens or products that use meltblown nonwovens for other purposes have adapted their processes to help support medical mask production in an attempt to mitigate losses.
  • Overall, meltblown demand for other crucial applications, such as wipes and personal hygiene, is expected to remain steady, as spikes in countries where these products are already accepted are offset by some losses in developing countries where consumers have more recently begun using these products.

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