Industry Studies

Freedonia Industry Studies provide in-depth, unbiased analysis of industries and markets and are used by business leaders and consultants around the world to formulate strategic plans, benchmark sales performance, pinpoint opportunities, and identify competitive threats. Studies are available with either a US or World perspective.

All Industry Studies include…

  • Executive Summary
  • Product and market trends, forecasts and historical perspective spanning two decades
    • Forecasts — 5 and 10 years out
    • Historical analysis looking back 5 and 10 years
  • Industry Structure
    • Market share for leading companies
    • Profiles of up to 50 industry participants including market leaders
  • Market Environment

US Studies feature…

  • Comprehensive product and market analysis
  • Information placing the US market into the global context
  • Up to 50 product and market-specific data tables
  • Typical length of between 300 and 400 pages

Comprehensive Product Assessment identifies major trends and growth factors

Our analysts explore the relevant product segments — in the way that the industry thinks about them.

Each Product section identifies:

  • Major trends and growth factors
  • Product segments broken out by market size
  • New product developments and lifecycle stages
  • Competitive products and technologies
  • New market opportunities
  • Leading producers

In-Depth Market Analysis calls out growth opportunities

We identify and discuss key markets and applications for the relevant products.

Each Market section includes:

  • Insight into sales opportunities and fastest growing markets
  • Discussion of emerging applications and their potential
  • Evaluation of underlying growth drivers using Freedonia’s broad-based market expertise

Industry Structure includes profiles of leading companies

Our studies characterize the composition of the industry and the factors that most impact industry participants.

Freedonia US Industry

Each Industry Structure features:

  • Market share for leading producers
  • Discussion of recent mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of the competitive strategies essential to success
  • Company profiles that provide detailed product information

Authoritative Market Environment evaluation

We leverage Freedonia’s extensive knowledge base and in-house economics department to provide a consistent structure for all of our studies.

Each Market Environment section presents:

  • Forecasts for key macroeconomic indicators including GDP, population, and manufacturing
  • Outlooks for relevant study-specific end-use industries
  • Trends in pricing, technology, and regulations that impact industry growth

Immediate Download or Affordable Subscriptions

In addition to the purchase of individual Freedonia Industry Studies on demand from this website, access to the entire portfolio is available via The Freedonia Group’s online Knowledge Center.

Organizations such as investment banks, consultancies, private equity firms, NGOs, and industry participants find subscriptions a convenient, cost-effective means to keep pace with new and updated releases, or to answer research questions without delay.