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US Industry Continues to Add New Players

The lawn and garden robot market has increased in size in recent years, as manufacturers of robotic lawn mowers with established operations in Europe penetrate the US market and small start-ups grow and develop new products. In 2017, Honda Motor and Zucchetti Centro Sistemi began offering robotic lawn mowers in the US after sales in Europe. Start-ups like Franklin Robotics, Left Hand Robotics, and The Kobi Company are working to get their products commercially available. Other well-known lawn and garden companies are also working to enter the US market with robots of their own. For instance, LG and iRobot are developing robotic lawn mowers, while Deere and Company is looking into the North American market.

Key Findings in the Lawn and Garden Robot Study:

Product Innovations will Accelerate Sales of Lawn & Garden Robots

Through 2027, sales are expected to accelerate as battery technology improves, mowing quality increases, and new navigation technologies (e.g., no boundary wires) are commercialized. These innovations will aid the expansion of the market in the US, where consumers have larger yards. More powerful batteries with longer run times and systems that can more easily map and navigate larger spaces will be needed for widespread adoption in the US and movement into the commercial landscaping and turf maintenance space. The increased commercialization of multipurpose lawn and garden robots – as well as specialty versions that perform weeding and snow blowing tasks – will also boost gains.

As the production of innovative equipment grows, prices of existing models will fall, making lawn and garden robots more competitive with conventional equipment designed for small or medium spaces or the cost of hiring professional services. However, in the longer term, average prices will rise again as new technologies take over.

Consumer Education Needed to Boost Market Penetration

Lawn and garden robots remain relatively unknown products in the US. Marketing efforts need to expand and target demographics with high potential for sales. Additionally, as more manufacturers develop products for US households and expand distribution networks, consumer education of lawn and garden robots will grow organically. Expanded consumer awareness will also stem from seeing robots successfully deployed in residential and commercial settings.

The DIFM Movement and Demographic Changes will Aid Adoption

Increasingly, there are segments of the population that are either unable or uninterested in performing lawn and garden maintenance tasks. While some consumers who prefer do-it-for-me (DIFM) lawn maintenance will hire professional landscapers, others may opt to purchase lawn and garden robots. Labor-saving robots are particularly important for older generations like baby boomers – who may no longer be able to perform heavy labor – and for consumers with busy lifestyles who do not have the time to take care of a yard.

Study Coverage

This Freedonia industry study analyzes the US lawn and garden robot market. It presents historical sales data (2012, 2017 and 2018) and forecasts (2022 and 2027) by product (robotic lawn mowers and other lawn and garden robots). Other lawn and garden robots include those used for snow blowing, weeding, and other gardening tasks. The study provides consumer survey data. The study also analyzes industry competitors and up-and-coming companies, including FarmBot, Franklin Robotics, Honda Motor, Husqvarna, iRobot, Left Hand Robotics, LG Electronics, MTD Products, Positec Technology, STIHL, The Kobi Company, and Zucchetti Centro Sistemi.

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Table of Contents



Key Findings

What Is a Lawn & Garden Robot?

Navigation Technologies

Current Technology & Expected Innovation

Boundary Wire

Radio Waves


Aerial Drones

Grass Detection

Features & Innovations

Importance of Product Development

Improved Batteries

Solar Power

Theft Control

Weatherproof Features

Modular Features

Safety Features

Evolving Control Technologies

Smartphone Control

Voice Control

Smartwatch Control

Software & Component Development

Benefits of Lawn & Garden Robots

Concerns About Lawn & Garden Robots

Remote-Controlled Lawn & Garden Robots


Key Findings

Industry Development

US Market & Forecast


Commercial Markets


Key Findings

Key Trends in Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers: Market Potential

Robotic Lawn Mowers: Factors Driving Sales

Key Products

Timeline of Market Developments

Key Products

Automower by Husqvarna

WORX Landroid by Positec Technology

Miimo by Honda Motor

Cub Cadet RG3 by MTD Products


Key Findings

Key Trends in Other Lawn & Garden Robots

Other Lawn & Garden Robots: Market Potential

Other Lawn & Garden Robots: Factors Driving Sales

Key Products

Timeline of Market Developments

Key Products

Tertill Weeding Robot by Franklin Robotics

FarmBot Genesis by FarmBot

Kobi by The Kobi Company

SnowBot Pro by Left Hand Robotics


Key Findings

Home Ownership Trends

Home Ownership Versus Rental Rates

Household Annual Income

Age Groups

General Lawn & Garden Care Trends

Prevalence of Outdoor Space at Home

Size of Owned Land Around Home

Consumer Lawn & Garden Care Practices

DIY Versus DIFM Landscaping

Consumer Perceptions of Electric Lawn & Garden Equipment

Consumer Trends Regarding Environmentally Friendly Lawn & Garden Care

Consumer Interest in Lawn & Garden Care

Lawn & Garden Robot Trends

Consumer Awareness of Lawn & Garden Robots

Consumer Ownership of Lawn & Garden Robots Versus Power Equipment

Consumer Planned Purchases of Lawn & Garden Robots


Key Findings

Increase Consumer Awareness

Consumer Awareness of Lawn & Garden Robots Remains Low

Grow Awareness Through Marketing Initiatives

Target Marketing at High-Potential Demographics

Continue Product Development

Large Average Lawn Size Highlight Challenges in US Market

Improve Mowing Range & Efficiency

Innovate Navigation Technologies

Expand Product Offerings Beyond Lawn Mowers

Robots that Perform Other Lawn & Garden Functions Need Development

Crowdfunding for Start-Up Robot Manufacturers

Consider Crossover Products That Can Be Used by a Range of Markets

Integrated Garden Systems Help Broaden Product Lines

Compete Against Traditional Mowers & Services

Competition from Traditional Mowers & Services Restrains Robot Sales

Offer More Entry-Level Units

Multifunctional & Modular Robots

Build Service Programs & Work with Service Providers

Design Products for Commercial Applications

Commercial Market for Lawn & Garden Robots Remains Unrealized

Create Products with Landscapers in Mind

Continue to Innovate Robotic Lawn Mowers for Golf Courses & Recreational Spaces


Key Findings

Industry Composition

Market Participants

Characteristics of Current Market Leaders

Honda Motor


MTD Products

Positec Technology

Other Market Players

New Market Entrants

Franklin Robotics


The Kobi Company

LG Electronics

Other Companies to Watch

Research & Product Development Expenditures

Mergers & Acquisitions

Marketing & Distribution

List of Industry Participants


Deere & Company

FarmBot Incorporated

Franklin Robotics

FutureGenRobotics LLC

Honda Motor Company Limited

Husqvarna AB

iRobot Corporation

The Kobi Company

Left Hand Robotics Incorporated

LG Electronics Incorporated

Mamibot Manufacturing USA Incorporated

MTD Products Incorporated

Positec Technology China Company Limited


STIHL Holding AG & Company KG

Yamabiko Corporation

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi SpA





Freedonia Methodology

Study-Specific Methodology


Associations & Agencies

Related Studies & Reports

Macroeconomic Assumptions

Economic Environment

Demographic Trends

Housing Stock

Consumer Spending

Retail Sales Outlook

E-Commerce Outlook

List of Tables


Table 3-1 | Lawn & Garden Robot Sales, 2012 - 2027 (million dollars & thousand units)

Table 3-2 | Selected Lawn & Garden Robot Service Providers


Table 4-1 | Robotic Lawn Mower Sales, 2012 - 2027 (million dollar & thousand units)

Table 4-2 | Lawn Mower Robots: Timeline of Key Market Developments


Table 5-1 | Other Lawn & Garden Robot Sales, 2012 - 2027 (million dollars & thousand units)

Table 5-2 | Other Lawn Care Robots: Timeline of Key Market Developments


Table 6-1 | Home Ownership & Rental of Residences in the US, 2010 - 2018 (percent)

Table 6-2 | Home Ownership & Rentals in the US by Annual Household Income Bracket, 2010 - 2018 (percent)

Table 6-3 | Total Home Ownership & Rentals in the US by Age Group, 2010 - 2018 (percent)

Table 6-4 | Presence of Lawn, Garden, or Outdoor Space at Home, 2018 (percent)

Table 6-5 | Percent of Households That Own Land Around the Home by Size of Land, 2010 - 2018 (percent)

Table 6-6 | Consumer Attitudes About Lawn & Garden Care, 2018 (percent of consumers with a lawn, garden, or other outdoor space at home)

Table 6-7 | DIY Versus DIFM Landscaping, 2018 (percent of consumers with a lawn, garden, or other outdoor space at home)

Table 6-8 | Consumer Attitudes About Lawn & Garden Equipment Power Sources, 2018 (percent of consumers who own power lawn & garden equipment)

Table 6-9 | Consumer Attitudes About Lawn & Garden Care, 2018 (percent of consumers with a lawn, garden, or other outdoor space at home)

Table 6-10 | Consumer Attitudes About Lawn & Garden Care, 2018 (percent of consumers with a lawn, garden, or other outdoor space at home)

Table 6-11 | Awareness of Lawn & Garden Robots by Age Group & Gender, 2018 (percent of consumers that have a yard that needs to be mowed & index)


Table 7-1 | Keys to Future Market Growth

Table 7-2 | Selected Crowdfunding Results

Table 7-3 | Robot Lawn Mower Versus Competitors


Table 8-1 | Selected Company Research & Product Development Expenditures

Table 8-2 | Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures


Table 9-1 | Selected Lawn & Garden Robot Industry Participants

Table 9-2 | Husqvarna: Key Products

Table 9-3 | MTD Products: Key Products

Table 9-4 | STIHL Holding: Key Product Lines

Table 9-5 | Yamabiko: Key Product Lines

Table 9-6 | Zucchetti Centro Sistemi: Key Product Lines


Table 10-1 | Relevant Industry Codes

Table 10-2 | Relevant HS Codes

Table 10-3 | Abbreviations & Acronyms Used in Study

Table 10-4 | Macroeconomic Indicators, 2007 - 2022 (billion 2009 dollars)

Table 10-5 | Population & Households, 2007 - 2022 (million persons)

Table 10-6 | Housing Stock by Type, 2007 - 2022 (million units)

Table 10-7 | Personal Consumption Expenditures, 2007 - 2022 (billion dollars)

Table 10-8 | Retail Sales, 2007 - 2022 (billion dollars)

Table 10-9 | Electronic Shopping Sales, 2007 - 2022 (billion dollars)

List of Figures


Figure 1-1 | US Lawn & Garden Robot Market


Figure 2-1 | Lawn & Garden Robot Technology

Figure 2-2 | Zucchetti's Ambrogio L60 Deluxe

Figure 2-3 | Charging Hood for GARDENA SILENO city from Husqvarna

Figure 2-4 | Robomow App


Figure 3-1 | Key Trends in the Lawn & Garden Robot Market

Figure 3-2 | Lawn & Garden Robot Sales Share, 2012 - 2027 (million dollars)

Figure 3-3 | Lawn & Garden Robot Sales, 2012 - 2022 (million dollars)


Figure 4-1 | Key Trends in the US Robotic Lawn Mower Market

Figure 4-2 | US Robotic Lawn Mower Market Potential, 2018

Figure 4-3 | Robotic Lawn Mower Sales, 2012 - 2027 (million dollars)

Figure 4-4 | Husqvarna Automower 430X

Figure 4-5 | WORX Landroid M

Figure 4-6 | Miimo by Honda Motor

Figure 4-7 | Cub Cadet RG3 by MTD Products


Figure 5-1 | Key Trends in the Market for Other Lawn & Garden Robots

Figure 5-2 | Other Lawn & Garden Robot Market Potential, 2018

Figure 5-3 | Other Lawn & Garden Robot Sales, 2012 - 2027 (million dollars)

Figure 5-4 | Tertill by Franklin Robotics

Figure 5-5 | FarmBot Genesis v1.4

Figure 5-6 | Kobi by The Kobi Company

Figure 5-7 | SnowBot Pro by Left Hand Robotics


Figure 6-1 | Key Consumer Trends Affecting Sales of Lawn & Garden Robots

Figure 6-2 | Consumer Ownership of Lawn Care Robots, 2018 (percent)

Figure 6-3 | Consumers Who are Aware of Lawn Care Robots & Plan to Purchase a Lawn Care Robot in the Next 12 Months, 2018 (percent)


Figure 10-1 | Annual Growth in Real GDP, 2000 - 2017, Compared to 1980 - 2005 Average (percent)

Figure 10-2 | Annual Population Growth, 2002 - 2017 (percent)

Figure 10-3 | Housing Stock Share by Year of Construction, 2017 (million units)

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