Study #: 3869 | Published: 05/2020 | Pages: 43 | Individual User License: US$ 600

In unit terms, global demand for medical face shields is expected to increase 312% in 2020 as countries around the globe work to protect their populations, especially healthcare workers, from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Face shields are generally a niche product, used in a small percentage of medical procedures where there is an above average risk of exposure to bodily fluids. In the early months of the pandemic, these products were one of the smaller categories of PPE being used around the globe.

However, as the pandemic has progressed and shortages of medical masks have continued to be an issue, face shields are increasingly seen as a possible solution. A large number of manufacturers are starting up face shield production.

Longer term, demand is expected to return to more sustainable levels and is forecast to grow 7.6% per year to reach $273 million between 2019 and 2024. Demand will remain concentrated in developed markets, although growth will be above average in developing countries where healthcare standards are increasing.

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