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Safety & Security Drones in the US - Demand and Sales Forecasts, Market Share, Market Size, Market Leaders

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  • Published: 12/2017
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Safety & Security Drones in the US by Equipment, Software and Services - Industry Market Research, Market Share, Market Size, Sales, Demand Forecast, Market Leaders, Company Profiles, Industry Trends

In 2016, safety and security drone industry sales totaled $145 million and is expected to see significant gains in both the short and long term. Sales are expected to nearly double through 2019 as new technologies become available and awareness of the benefits of these systems rises. Sales between 2019 and 2022 are projected to increase nearly fivefold, as commercialization and usage become more widespread. Going forward, new regulations that help remove gray areas in the legality of operation will encourage wider adoption and limit liability concerns among potential end users.

This study presents historical demand data for 2016 and forecasts (2019, 2022, and 2028) by segment (equipment, services, software), and discusses opportunities by product, service, application (detaining suspects, explosives detection and removal, firefighting, inspection and safety, patrol, search and rescue, surveillance, traffic management, weather and climate analysis) and market (agriculture and livestock, airports, colleges and universities, construction sites, forestry and logging, industrial facilities, government, oil and gas pipelines, parks, prisons, public venues, residential buildings, seaports and docks). The study also presents analysis on industry competitors including Aeryon Labs, FLIR Systems, Lockheed Martin, Physical Sciences, SZ DJI, Textron, UAV Solutions, and Yuneec International.

This study analyzes the US market for electronic security products. Segments covered include:

  • equipment
  • software
  • services

This study includes products and services that are utilized by both commercial and consumer end users, but excludes any military drone use.

Not included in the report are unmanned vehicles utilized on the ground or in water, which may be referred to as robots, unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), or unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).

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Table of Contents



Key Findings

Safety & Security Drone Market Size

Safety & Security Drone Outlook

Technology Innovations

Autonomous Capabilities


Autonomous Object Detection

Autonomous Monitoring

Night Vision

Anti-Drone Technology

Legal & Regulatory Factors


FAA Modernization and Reform Act

Operation of Non-Hobby Drones

Operator Licensing

Limited Operational Areas

Privacy Issues

Other Legal Considerations

Anti-Drone Technology

Law Enforcement

Enforcement of Regulations


Key Findings

Safety & Security Drone Equipment



Drone Types


Key Characteristics by Type


Free Flying versus Tethered Drones





Safety & Security Drone Operation Services


Service Providers


Safety & Security Drone Software


Software Types




Key Findings

Detaining Suspects

Detaining Suspects: Overview

Detaining Suspects: Leading Technologies

Explosive Detection & Removal


Inspection & Safety


Border Patrol

Other Patrol Applications

Search & Rescue


Traffic Management

Weather & Climate Analysis


Key Findings

Agriculture & Livestock


Colleges & Universities

Construction Sites

Construction Sites: Overview

Construction Sites: Legal & Regulatory Issues

Construction Sites: Suppliers

Forestry & Logging

Industrial Facilities


Customs & Border Protection

Public Safety Forces

Oil & Gas Pipelines



Public Venues

Residential Buildings

Seaports & Docks


Key Findings

Market Leaders

First Tier Market Leaders

Second Tier Market Leaders

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cooperative Agreements


Other Companies Mentioned in the Study





Associations & Agencies

Related Freedonia Group Studies



Macroeconomic Assumptions

Economic Environment

Demographic Trends

Public Safety Environment


Types of Protection Services


Violent Crimes

Property Crimes


Other Nonconventional Crimes


List of Tables


Table 2-1 | Safety & Security Drone Demand, 2016 - 2028 (million dollars)

Table 2-2 | Sensors Used for Autonomous Object Detection

Table 2-3 | Anti-Drone Products

Table 2-4 | Part 107 Regulations for Commercial Drone Use


Table 3-1 | Types of Drones: Advantages & Disadvantages

Table 3-2 | Types of Rotorcraft UAVs: Advantages & Disadvantages

Table 3-3 | Free Flying & Tethered Drones: Advantages & Disadvantages

Table 3-4 | Examples of Types of Software Used With Safety & Security Drones


Table 4-1 | Roadblocks to Drone Usage in Detaining Suspects & Possible Solutions

Table 4-2 | Surveillance Drone Suppliers


Table 5-1 | Advantages of Drones in Industrial Facilities

Table 5-2 | Public Safety Forces: Applications for Drones

Table 5-3 | Surveillance Drone Suppliers

Table 5-4 | Residential Security Drones Under Development


Table 6-1 | Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures

Table 6-2 | Selected Cooperative Agreements

Table 6-3 | Safety & Security Drone Market Participants

Table 6-4 | Aeryon Labs: Key Product Lines

Table 6-5 | Airborne Drones: Key Product Lines

Table 6-6 | Airobotics: Key Product Lines

Table 6-7 | Aptonomy: Key Product Lines

Table 6-8 | Autel Robotics: Key Product Lines

Table 6-9 | CyPhy Works: Key Product Lines

Table 6-10 | Draganfly Innovations: Key Product Lines

Table 6-11 | Drone Aviation: Key Product Lines

Table 6-12 | FLIR Systems: Key Product Lines

Table 6-13 | FLYMOTION Unmanned Systems: Key Product Lines

Table 6-14 | Hawkeye Innovations: Key Product Lines

Table 6-15 | Israel Aerospace Industries: Key Product Lines

Table 6-16 | Kespry: Key Product & Service Lines

Table 6-17 | Lockheed Martin: Key Product Lines

Table 6-18 | L3 Technologies: Key Product Lines

Table 6-19 | Martin UAV: Key Product Lines

Table 6-20 | Microdrones: Key Product Lines

Table 6-21 | MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology: Key Product Lines

Table 6-22 | Nightingale Security: Key Service Lines

Table 6-23 | Northrop Grumman: Key Product Lines

Table 6-24 | Parrot: Key Product Lines

Table 6-25 | Physical Sciences: Key Product Lines

Table 6-26 | Pixiel Group: Key Product Lines

Table 6-27 | PrecisionHawk: Key Product Lines

Table 6-28 | Prioria Robotics: Key Product Lines

Table 6-29 | QUALCOMM: Key Product Lines

Table 6-30 | Raytheon: Key Product Lines

Table 6-31 | Secom: Key Service Lines

Table 6-32 | Sharp: Key Product Lines

Table 6-33 | Sunflower Labs: Key Product Lines

Table 6-34 | SZ DJI Technology: Key Product Lines

Table 6-35 | Textron: Key Product Lines

Table 6-36 | TOR Robotics: Key Product Lines

Table 6-37 | UAS Drone: Key Product Lines

Table 6-38 | UASUSA: Key Product Lines

Table 6-39 | UAV Factory: Key Product Lines

Table 6-40 | UAV Solutions: Key Product Lines

Table 6-41 | Vanguard Defense Industries: Key Product Lines

Table 6-42 | VStar Systems: Key Product Lines

Table 6-43 | Yuneec International: Key Product Lines


Table 7-1 | Relevant NAICS (2007) & SIC Codes

Table 7-2 | Abbreviations & Acronyms Used in Study

Table 7-3 | Macroeconomic Indicators, 2006 - 2021 (billion 2009 dollars)

Table 7-4 | Population & Households, 2006 - 2021 (million persons)

Table 7-5 | Public Safety Sector Employment, 2006 - 2021 (thousands)

Table 7-6 | Violent Crime Levels, 2006 - 2015 (thousands)

Table 7-7 | Property Crime Levels, 2006 - 2015 (thousands)

Table 7-8 | Incidences of Terrorism in the US, 2006 - 2015

Table 7-9 | Selected Other Nonconventional Crimes, 2006 - 2015 (thousand arrests)

Table 7-10 | Fire Levels & Losses, 2006 - 2015

List of Figures


Figure 1-1 | Key Trends in the US Safety & Security Drone Market


Figure 2-1 | Key Safety & Security Drone Market Factors


Figure 3-1 | Key Safety & Security Drone Trends by Segment

Figure 3-2 | Example of Rotorcraft Drone: SZ DJI's Matrice 210 Quadcopter

Figure 3-3 | Example of Fixed-Wing Drone: Martin UAV's Bat 4

Figure 3-4 | Example of a Single-Rotor Drone: FLIR Systems' PD-100 Black Hornet 2


Figure 4-1 | Key Safety & Security Drone Application Trends

Figure 4-2 | Airborne Vanguard Drone Used for Detection

Figure 4-3 | senseFly albris Drone for Industrial Applications

Figure 4-4 | Aeryon SkyRanger Drone for Search & Rescue & Other Public Safety Applications

Figure 4-5 | RCE System's DataFromSky Traffic Drone

Figure 4-6 | QuestUAV's DATAhawk Fixed-Wing Survey Drone for Industrial Applications


Figure 5-1 | Key Safety & Security Drone Market Trends


Figure 7-1 | Annual Growth in Real GDP, 2000 - 2016, Compared to 1980 - 2005 Average (percent)

Figure 7-2 | Annual Population Growth, 2001 2016 (percent)

Figure 7-3 | US Crime Rates, 2006 - 2015 (reported crimes per thousand people)

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