Audio & Video Equipment: United States

This report forecasts US audio and video equipment demand and shipments in US dollars at the manufacturers' level to 2021. Total audio and video equipment PCE is also forecast to 2021. Total demand is segmented by product in terms of: televisions; headphones, microphones, and speakers; automotive audio equipment; and other products. For the purposes of this report, speakers utilized in automotive applications are included in the speakers segment, while DVD players and other video equipment for use in automotive applications is included in the Other Products segment. This report excludes television and radio transmission equipment, video and sound recordings, broadcast and movie production cameras, and still photography cameras. In addition, cable boxes, digital streaming devices, set-top boxes, smart home systems, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, and other multi-function devices that provide audio-visual capabilities are excluded. Re-exports of audio and video equipment are also excluded from demand and import figures.

To illustrate historical trends, total demand, total shipments, the various demand segments, audio and video equipment PCE, and trade are provided in annual series from 2006 to 2016.

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