Grain-Based Foods: United States

This report forecasts to 2022 US grain-based foods demand and shipments in nominal US dollars at the manufacturer level. Total demand and shipments are segmented by product in terms of: commercial and retail bakeries; dough, pasta, and tortillas; crackers; cookies; breakfast cereals; frozen goods; and other products.

To illustrate historical trends, total demand, total shipments, the various segments, and trade are provided in annual series from 2007 to 2017.

Grain-based foods are based on flour derived from the processed seeds of grain crops (including corn), yielding starch-enriched flours for use in baking and other modes of food preparation. In addition, flours derived from alternative sources such as fruits, vegetables, or nuts (e.g., almonds) are also included. Animal food is excluded from the scope of this report, as are non-grain-based snack foods. Re-exports of grain-based foods are excluded from demand and trade figures.

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