Motorcycles: Europe

This report forecasts to 2024 motorcycle demand and production in units in Europe. Total demand is segmented by product in terms of: electric; internal combustion engine (ICE) scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes; ICE medium and heavy; and ICE light.

To illustrate historical trends, total demand is provided in annual series from 2009 to 2019; production and the various segments are reported at five-year intervals for 2009, 2014, and 2019.

In addition to two-wheeled vehicles, trikes (three-wheeled motorcycles) are included in the report numbers. Three-wheeled motorcycles include: sidecar motorcycles, which are two-wheeled motorcycles with an attached one-wheel sidecar; and traditional or purpose-built motorcycles used for recreational purposes that are fitted with a two-wheeled axle in either the front or rear.

Excluded from the scope of this report are: separately sold sidecars; three-wheeled auto rickshaws or truck-like "three-wheelers" produced in India, China, and other emerging markets that are used principally for business purposes; and utility vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles, utility task vehicles, autocycles, and motor vehicle/motorcycle hybrids.

Key macroeconomic indicators are also provided with quantified trends. Other various topics, including profiles of pertinent leading suppliers, are covered in this report. A full outline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.

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